Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Problems, Real Solutions (Part 1) - Engineered Hardwoods

Stanfield Shutter Company is Utah’s most reputable and oldest custom shutter manufacturer. We have been building your shutters here locally in Salt Lake City for OVER 60 years!

Stanfield shutter continues the tradition of giving you the most advanced and up to date construction and manufacturing processes in the shutter industry today.  Looking to the past as an “old time” company we have learned the importance of meeting the needs of our clients and giving their windows the best shutters possible.  Looking to the future with our clients in mind we have made the commitment at Stanfield Shutter to compliment the beauty of your shutters by using “Green” materials and sustainable building products.  The past few years, much advancement has been made in the construction industry with more attention being given to the sustainability and use of our natural resources.  Our mother earth has given many resources for which we may build our communities and homes.  It is our responsibility as a business to use those resources wisely and to meet the needs of our clients without compromising the integrity of the future.

The need for “green” products is more urgent today than it has been in the past.  Being green is nothing new. It has always been about good manufacturing practices, using quality products, and creating a shutter that reduces heating and cooling costs; while providing a healthy and safe living environment for you, our clients.  Stanfield Shutter began using green engineered hardwoods during the 1980’s.  The wood fibers used in our Savannah plantation shutters make use of every last bit of the tree fibers.  This results in reduced pressure on our forests and complies with the goal of sustainable lumber harvesting. Engineered hardwoods also reduce the waste that is added to our landfills; as well as using less labor and energy to produce your shutters, which results in a smart investment of quality shutters for less cost to your pocket book.

Our Savannah shutters are made from engineered hardwoods which are an environmentally preferable product or EPP. The EPP provides an independent certification of wood composite products that are demonstrably environmentally preferable through their use of recycled and/or recovered wood fibers with adherence to specific emission standards.  Unlike wood materials that come from over seas, such as China, our domestically made and used engineered hardwood materials are produced to strict environmental standards made by the Environmental Protection Agency.  With the concern of unhealthy emissions from off shore products you can be assured our American lumber suppliers are producing materials that are green, and healthy for you and your family.

In addition to the EPP, our engineered hardwood suppliers are participating members of the ‘Sustainable Forestry Initiative’ or the S.F.I.  The S.F.I. program was organized with the vision for sustainable forest development. The SFI is based on principles that promote sustainable forest management and considers all forests valuable.  When you see SFI on the label of a product, either a ream of paper, packaging material or a 2 X 4, you can be confident you are buying a product that has come from responsibly managed North American forests.

Over the past 20 years Stanfield shutter has used Premium Engineered Hardwood.  Engineered Hardwood, specifically High Density Fiberboard (HDF), is scientifically designed with cross grained hardwood fibers, blended together with industrial strength resins. The cross grained wood fibers and the resins work together to offset the movement that occurs in natural woods. Natural wood expands and contracts in the direction of the grain; however,  the cross fibers of the engineered woods stabilize one another, resulting in a product that is less susceptible to the effects of moisture and temperature change.

If you are looking for the highest quality and most affordable painted shutter in the industry today look no further than our Savannah Shutters.  With our manufacturer life-time warranty and attention to detail your shutters will last for years to come. 

Invest now for a life time of pleasure with Stanfield Shutters Savannah shutters. 

Creating elegant, beautiful and fine crafted shutters for your home for OVER 60 years.

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