Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Real Problems, Real Solutions (Part 2) - "Green" Paint/Stain Finishing Materials -

Stanfield Shutter Company is Utah’s most reputable and oldest custom shutter manufacturer. We have been building your shutters here locally for OVER 60 years!

Stanfield Shutter continues the tradition of giving you the most advanced and up to date construction and manufacturing processes in the shutter industry today.  Looking to the past as an “old time” company we have learned the importance of meeting the needs of our clients and giving their windows the best shutters possible.  Looking to the future with our clients in mind we have made the commitment at Stanfield Shutter to compliment the beauty of your shutters by using environmentally friendly “Green” paints and finishes.  We feel it is our responsibility as a business to use healthy materials wisely and to meet the needs of our clients without compromising the integrity of the future.

No area of green materials has seen such a profusion of new products then that of paints and finishes.  Beginning in California, standards were set for healthier paint and finishing products. Following California’s example the green movement has swept nation wide.  Shortly there after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set nation standards for low and non Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs.  VOCs are called volatile because they evaporate and release ground level smog which we all know is unhealthy.  VOCs are emitted by paints, cleaning supplies, and even pesticides.  Even a very small concentration of smog, which can be ten times higher indoors, can damage respiratory and cardiovascular systems. 

Stanfield Shutter made the commitment to use low VOC waterborne paints and finishes years ago from Sherwin Williams.  Our specially formulated waterborne paints will dramatically reduce the air pollution in your home and in our communities when compared to paints and finishes used by other shutter companies.  Our low VOC paint complies with acceptable EPA allowances for a green paint and finished shutter production.  No longer is there a need to use unacceptable EPA paints such as; lacquer oil based paints or varnished finishes which contain an unhealthy amount of VOCs.  Lacquer/oil based paints and varnishes are up to six (6) times higher than the acceptable EPA standards for VOCs.  Since we spend approximately 90 percent of our time indoors, there are serious concerns that can affect the health of a variety of people.  The EPA rates indoor pollution as a top five public health concern.

High performance, low and no VOC paints and finishes are widely available to use at prices similar to what you used to pay for more dangerous paints. This results in a smart investment for your home and the environment with quality shutters for less cost to your pocket book. Consider not just the benefits of a healthier indoor air quality and a healthier tomorrow, but also the benefits to the over all planet we call Earth.  So what could be greener than using and supporting the efforts of those that reduce VOCs and to the smog that is produces?
If you are looking for the highest quality, environmentally friendly and most affordable painted shutter in the industry today look no further than Stanfield Shutters.  With our manufacturer life-time warranty and attention to detail your shutters will last for years to come. 

Invest now for a life time of pleasure with Stanfield Shutters Savannah shutters. 

Creating elegant, beautiful and fine crafted shutters for your home for OVER 60 years.

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