Friday, December 2, 2011

Add to your Holiday Décor with Shutters....

Plantation Shutters can add to your Holiday  décor.  Just like Barbara of Sandy Utah did. She was very creative in taking advantage of the space her bowed dining room window seat gave her to bring a Christmas village to life.  The Christmas village is beautifully accented with her plantation shutters in the background to help control the lighting that comes through her southwest windows.

During the morning her shutters can be fully opened and have the Christmas village lights be seen by all.  In the later afternoon when full sun comes through the southwest sky, she can adjust the louver slats to the desired angle to prevent the direct sun from blinding those that want to enjoy the her beautifully designed Christmas village.

In other rooms of Barbara's home, shutters have been installed with an appeal to be dressed as needed with accent draperies.  Giving a room a more full look or adding complementary color.  Take a look at how beautifully the shutters shine off the finish of her piano.

Adding Shutters to the rounded windows on the south side of her home Barbara can help to control her homes comfort by blocking the harsh UV rays in the summer time that can damage her piano, or allow the suns rays to shine through in the winter season to help warm and give light to the rooms desired.  

Stanfield Shutter Sunburst arched shutters have a control rod that rounds to outer perimeter of the shutters louvers slats.  Creating an easy way to pull all the louver slats opened or closed with a single push upwards to open or a single pull down to close.