Friday, April 6, 2012

The Lion House a Historical Landmark

Salt Lake City -

Downtown Salt Lake city with all of it's historical charm and interest was the site of a recent project for Stanfield Shutter Company. Located near the corner of South Temple and State Street is the Lion House. The Lion House gets its name from the lion that sits on top of the front patio. Constructed in 1855-56 it was a residence for Brigham Young, who was the second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and later the first territorial governor of the state of Utah.

Local Contractor Interior Design Solutions was awarded a contract to remodel the Restrooms of the Lion House. Stanfield Shutter was called into action to replace the traditional shutter that had been in use in the restroom for years. It was an exciting opportunity to go behind the scenes of one of Utah's most notable building and see the historical craftsmanship of the Pioneers of Utah.

Going from 1 1/4" traditional smaller sized panel style shutter to the 2 1/2" plantation shutters was a nice update to the traditional feel of the building. A trademark look of the Lion House is the original triangular shaped windows crafted from the pioneers of decades ago. It was a good idea to stop the shutters in a "Cafe Style" at the base of the triangular shape. Leaving the Steeple top open gives the benefit privacy for the lower section in tum leaving the top open gives you natural light.

It was an honor and privilege to construct shutters and help beautify such a historical building. We appreciate working with each one of our valued customers, and by completing a project such as this we can definitely say that quality and satisfaction are dear to our business and we delight in the ability to continue to provide quality products to everyone.