Thursday, April 26, 2012

Window covering specialists come to you....

Conveniently located near the heart of downtown Salt Lake City is Stanfield Shutter Company.  Utah's first locally owned shutter shop was began by Paul Stanfield way back in 1950.  From humble begins as a one man wood working shop, the company has grown into Utah's largest and most up to date shutter manufacturer.  Using state of the art equipment Stanfield Shutter company has evolved into the most specialized and artistic shutter shop in the Intermountain west.

In the mid-70's Gary Stillman worked as general manager for Paul Stanfield and shortly thereafter came to an agreement with Paul to purchase the company.  With his big ideas and strong work ethic, Gary expanded the company in to the largest custom shutter company within the intermountain west.   From the traditonal 1" louvers slats of days gone by to the elegant popular larger louvers or 4 1/2" and even 5 1/2", plantation shutters have taken on a tasteful desing all their own.

Shutter are known for there aesthetic beauty and environmentally friendly plantation shutters currently used today.  Finding that the beauty of shutters is not only in the curb appeal but also in the benefits of helping to regulate your homes climate. With shutters you gain the benefit of keeping the harsh UV rays out of your home during the hot summer months, thus helping to keep your home cool.  As well as keeping your home warm during the cold winter months as the plantation shutters close tight and help to fight off the cold chill from 'old man' winter. 

Since purchasing the company many years ago Gary has worked along side his family to build a successful family business.  Stanfield Shutter has been in business for OVER 60 years.  Gary attributes his success to the dedication of his employees to work with individual home owners and to assure that each shutter is custom manufactured, professionally finished and expertly installed to exceed the expectations of the customer.

Custom plantation shutters are just the beginning at Stanfield Shutter, other services offered include artist architectural shapes or geometric shapes too.  Stanfield Shutter also can refurbish shutters as well as professionally repaint and restore time worn shutters. You are only limited by your own imagination with the work and professional craftsmanship offered by Stanfield Shutter Company.