Friday, July 13, 2012

St. George Tabernacle - a Jewel in the Desert

St. George Tabernacle - Inside
Years ago Stanfield Shutter had the opportunity of manufacturing the shutters for the St. George LDS Tabernacle, a "jewel in the desert" located at the heart of the city.  Built of native red sandstone by struggling pioneers, the tabernacle was dedicated in 1876 and stands as a monument to their faith and determination. Today the building is used for church services, musical events, and many other types of social gatherings.

St. George Tabernacle - Outside
For years shutters have been an important part of adding richness and elegance to homes and buildings around the nation, creating elegance and richness to even the most basic of windows. Considering this fact, we came to realize that being asked to manufacture the shutters for the St. George Tabernacle gave us the understanding that it is possible to improve a building that already has a magnificent beauty to it.

Interior View - Shutters Open

Interior View - Shutters Closed
Triple-Hung Shutters
Due to the unique architecture of the building we needed to construct Triple-Hung Shutters where there are three panels that run on top of each other. This added a unique feel to this beautiful building.

Triple-Hung Shutters - Outside
It was a wonderful opportunity to manufacture the shutters for this historic building and we hope that we will continue to have many more experiences similar to this! Manufacturing shutters really gives us a special feeling and we will be doing it for many more years to come.