Monday, September 17, 2012

Enhance Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a place of solitude, a type of sanctuary in the home. However, even these types of rooms need a bit of redecorating or enhancement. We would like to provide a few tips or suggestions to get started, all within a nice budget.

Determine what is important to you – Most people run to the store and start buying and spending hard-earned money without taking the moment to determine what is most important to them and their room. Take a few moments and ponder these questions: Do you want the room to seem like it has more space? Are you looking to improve your bed or windows? What is the most important thing, to you, that needs to be changed in the room? Once you have pondered these questions, you can make a plan and shop without hesitation.

Improve the fabric - Changing the fabrics (i.e. bedding, carpet, and drapes) can drastically improve the look. It is important to occasionally change the bedding, something that is simple and cheap. Another improvement is to change the window coverings. One of the most popular items to install into the windows is Plantation Shutters.

Paint – Repainting the room is inexpensive and provides contrast to what you had before. A coat of clean paint gives the room that fresh, new feeling. Another thing to consider is to paint an accent wall or putting up a decorative border to add interest.

Lighting – Do you have very little lighting? Do you have musty old drapes? Are the colors of the walls and window coverings dark and foreboding? Try adding more lights on the ceilings or corners, taking down the drapes and add plantation shutters or blinds, or refer to the option above which is to repaint the walls. Lighting is key to improving the quality of the bedroom.

Clutter – More than half of the people in our society live in a cluttered room. It is also proven that a cluttered room can lead to depression, anxiety or anger. To de-clutter the room is easy and free. Get rid of what is no longer needed and enjoy more space and cleanliness in the room.

Home improvements do not need to be hard and they will always lead to a healthier lifestyle. The most important thing is to not put improvement off. Change can be hard and we are prone to not accept it, but once change has take place then the world is always a little more clearer and healthier.