Monday, October 29, 2012

What Color Shutters Should I Select for My House?

Shutters can add a great deal of character to a home. Depending on the style and color of those shutters, the effect will greatly enhance the curb appeal of the property. After spending time choosing the best shutter style, you must turn your attention to identifying the right color. Here are some tips that will help with the process. 
Current Accent Colors
One approach calls for utilizing the colors already used on the home’s exterior. Depending on the style of the home, you may find it helpful to repeat the color used for the trim work, the front door, or the window facings. This approach can pave the way for providing greater continuity in the color scheme used for the home. You will also find this strategy to be somewhat safe, assuming you happen to be fond of the colors already in use.
Keep in mind that you don’t necessary to replicate the existing colors with the shutters. You can use the current color scheme as inspiration for adding some new color to the mix. Go with something that works well with the other color choices and also provides the benefit of calling attention to the beauty of your windows. You may be pleasantly surprised at how this approach enhances the look of your home. 
How About the Landscaping?
You can also get some ideas for colors by taking a good look at your landscaping. Is there a recurring color that seems to run throughout the landscape of the home? If so, that color can be the ideal choice for the shutters. Try to stay away from using a color that is predominant in the landscaping and focus your attention on one of the secondary colors. This will help to visually draw out the color in the landscaping and give the home and the yard a slightly different appearance. 
What are the Neighbors Up To?
You may also find some inspiration by taking a walk around the neighborhood. Make a note of the colors that others are using for the exteriors of their homes. Pay close attention to homes that are very similar in architecture to your own. If those homes happen to sport shutters, that’s all the better. To help with the process, take along a notebook and jot down comments about any color schemes that you want to consider. 
Call a Professional
You know there are designers who work with interiors, but did you also know that some decorating professionals also focus on the appearance of exteriors. Along with helping create interesting landscapes, these professionals can also provide practical suggestions for the color of your shutters. If you seem to be getting nowhere with finding the ideal color, don’t hesitate to call on the services of a professional. A quick consultation will provide several ideas that are well worth considering.
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