Friday, November 16, 2012

Top Tips for Improving Your Home on a Shoestring

Whether you’re looking to sell your property or just make it more homely, a lick of paint and some home improvements can really transform a room.
We’ve spent a long time tightening our proverbial belts and letting things like DIY fall by the wayside. But as the economic climate looks up, renovating your home can finally become a priority again. But you can still breathe new life into your home without breaking the bank.
Here, are 10 top tips for home improvement and decorating on a shoestring:
1. A Lick of Paint
A splash of color and a lick of paint can really transform a room. Whether you paint or paper the whole room in a new style, or just create a feature wall, this is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve your home on the cheap. You could just paint doors and skirting boards if you were after a quick fix.
2. Shine a Light
Lighting can completely transform the look and feel of a room. You can create a bright a fresh feel, or a warm cosy one depending on what lighting you choose. Lamp shades are also a great way to incorporate a little color into a room. You should also consider how your curtains and blinds affect the amount of natural light let into your room.
3. Handmade Touches
If you’re looking for a really affordable addition to your home, why not get crafty? DIY and handmade features can really transform a room and they don’t cost much at all. Why not use wrapping paper to decorate a photo frame? Or stencil a pattern on a plain lampshade? Cheap, simple and effective – what could be better?
4. Fix Up Your Floors
A drab floor and worn carpet can really ruin the feel of your rooms. Fix them up with a lick of paint or coat of varnish to bring them back to life. It’s amazing how a small touch like this can change the whole look of your room.
You can also add a whole new dimension to any room by throwing down a great rug. Pick one with vibrant colors and a great texture to make it a focal point in the room.
5. Thrift Some Pieces
If you’re after a new piece of furniture, you should definitely check out your local thrift stores. Vintage pieces can really improve a room, and can cost very little. Some may need a lick of paint or cost of varnish to spruce up, but this too is inexpensive.
You should also look for rugs, cushions and throws in thrift stores. Small pieces like this can make a huge difference and don’t break the bank.
6. Bring the Outside In
Another affordable way to spruce up your living space is by bringing in some plants and flowers. Not only do they look nice, they also appeal to the senses. Beautiful smelling plants can really freshen up a room, and help create a great ambiance. Why not pick flowers and plants that are seasonal to really enhance your rooms?
7. Add Shelves to De-clutter
A simple and hassle-free way to improve your home is to clear the clutter. It’s amazing how a few shelves and storage solutions can enhance a room. Make sure you pick some that fit with your existing decor, and cater for your belongings. Don’t overcrowd shelves so they look messy. Keep them well organized and you’ll have a welcomed addition to your rooms.
8. Have a Focal Point
A great way to improve your home on a shoestring budget is to incorporate a focal point to your rooms. Whether that is a statement fire place, feature wall, vintage chest of draws, or paintings on the wall; drawing attention here is a great way to redecorate cheaply. Keep the rest of the room simple and free from clutter to really draw the eye here.
9. Keep Things Versatile
If you’re fickle and redecorate a lot, a great tip for saving money is to keep your main pieces of furniture neutral. Cream and beige colors may look bland on their own, but will work with just about any color scheme. By investing in versatile furniture, you can change the colorful decor as often as you change your mind.
10. Move it All Around
Simple and no-cost, moving your furniture around can really transform a room. Something as simple as switching a few chairs around can open up some extra space. By moving everything around, you change the look and feel of a room without spending a penny. This is the perfect way to change it up without spending anything.
Improving your home on a shoestring then, is not only possible but also really easy. Why not try out some of these top tips today and see how much you can change your home today?

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