The Stanfield Shutter Advantage

High Performance Coatings and Finishes: 
Stanfield Shutter uses Waterborne primers and paints as well as catalyzed CAB Acrylic Stains and Clear Coats. These fine finishes are extremely durable, moisture and stain resistant, and more resistant to UV damage and deterioration then almost any other type of finish on the market including conversion varnish. Your shutters won’t be just another window covering, they’ll be like fine furniture that you’ll be proud to show off.

Woods From Around the World: 
Stanfield Shutter has built shutters out of exotic woods to old favorites such as Oak, Maple, Alder, Basswood, and Engineered Hardwood (HDF), we design and build our shutters to fit your décor. The woods are conditioned, sanded to perfection, stained to match or clear coated natural, or painted—whatever you prefer. No matter what species or material you prefer Stanfield Shutter can build your shutter to your satisfaction.

Slim-line Horizontal Design Louver: 
A major advantage plantation shutters have over other window coverings is that they offer a better view because of the size of the louver blade. Our louvers are made with rounded edges and a horizontal top and bottom. This makes it possible for us to build louvers that are thinner then our competitions outdated, bulky oval louvers. It begs the question why anyone would purchase an outdated shutter that ultimately defeats one of the main purposes of having plantation shutters.

Tension Dowels: 
Our dowels are engineered to hold the louvers in the position you place them. This insures
reliable and durable operation.

Tension Screws: 
All our shutters are engineered with tension screws that provides easy adjustment of the louver tension. If the tension is too loose simply tighten the screws with a Philips screwdriver to increase the resistance and tension. If the tension is too tight simply loosen the screws to achieve the perfect louver operation.

Commercial Grade, Self Aligning Staples: 
Our staples are custom manufactured specifically for Stanfield
Shutter. They are adhesive backed, polymer coated staples that outperforms any other staple on the market.

We offer solid steel engineered tight pin, loose pin, brass, zinc, nickel, antique brass, painted, powder coated, etc. We have a hinge that matches almost any décor.

Installation by Factory Trained Professionals: 
Our attention to detail in shutter alignment, squared corners, securely fastened inside and outside mounting frames insures that the fit, operation, and light control of our shutters are precise and maintenance free.

Competitively Priced: 
Our unequaled quality and a product for product low price guarantee means that we will not be undersold. Our volume purchasing power, such as purchasing truckloads of lumber directly from mills around the country, gives us a significant advantage over our competition.

A Company You Can Trust: 
After 60 years we are still working hard for you. We continuously update all
phases of our business and stay on the leading edge of technology. You can be assured that you will be well taken care of. Thank you for your business and the trust you have placed in us, our products, and our services.